Compare Today’s Mortgage Pricing from Competing Lenders and Brokers

When shopping for a mortgage, it is important to speak with a professional who can help guide your through the process. It is equally important to do some homework and compare offers to ensure that you are receiving one of the best mortgage rates available in the marketplace. That research should entail asking several companies for Good Faith Estimates and Truth-In-Lending Statements and checking their standings with the Better Business Bureau and their regulatory agency. The latter will help you determine their service level. Finding the lowest mortgage rates means nothing if the company cannot live up to their commitments to their customers.

Are The Rates Here Really The Best Mortgage Rates?

Honestly, we can’t tell you that. There is always a chance that you can search around the internet and find a better price. After all, the lenders and brokers displayed in this survey pay to advertise and are keenly aware of how they display their rates to the consumer. Be sure to check the displayed rates and ask what the associated points and fees are.

You will find that some lenders are advertising with a couple of points and higher fees while other are showing zero points and low fees. Do not assume that the terms of the loans are equal. You should use the surveys as a launching point when searching for some of the lowest mortgage rates out there. Still, be sure to weigh competing offers and do your homework.