Research Today’s Fixed Mortgage Rates From Multiple Companies

Couple in front of their home that they purchase with a fixed rate home mortgage.

Could you be as happy as these people? Well maybe if you got an awesome deal on your fixed rate mortgage. So…get on with it.

Looking for the security and peace of mind that comes with having a fixed rate mortgage? We don’t blame you and you are not alone. The vast majority of American home owners choose fixed rate mortgage products even if they may not offer the short term savings afforded by some adjustable rate mortgage products. You can use the mortgage rate survey located throughout this web site to compare fixed rate mortgage programs from a number of regional and national lenders, brokers, and banking institutions. Fixed rate loans, which were originally developed by the Federal Housing Administration, offer a note where the rate remains constant throughout the life of the mortgage. Avoiding market fluctuations and the peaks and valleys of ARM products may help you sleep better at night. Call the various companies listed on this page (see below) today to research and compare their current fixed mortgage rates and programs.

Popular Fixed Rate Mortgage Programs

  • Easily the most popular fixed rate mortgage product is the 30 yr mortgage. By spreading out the repayment of the loan over thirty years allow payments to be kept lower. The down side is the large sum of interest paid over the life of the loan.
  • 15 year mortgages are also very popular and are also available in the form of FHA loans and VA mortgages.
  • 20 year mortgages and 10 year home loans are not quite as prevalent but are still a good fit for many home buyers and home owners.
  • 40 year mortgages came into play more recently and are not very popular. May be a good fit for someone looking to get an adjustable rate mortgage but who is too afraid of the interest rate risk.

Always be sure to consult a mortgage professional before selecting a fixed rate mortgage or an adjustable rate loan product! You can use the following rate table to start the comparison shopping process.