About The Team at PriceAMortgage.com

PriceAMortgage.com is a mortgage research web site that is owned and operated by CMG Equities, LLC based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. The members of our company include a number of mortgage industry veterans and marketing professionals. We run a handful of mortgage and real estate related web sites and blogs because, well, it’s what we know. If you’ve been hunting for mortgages online, you may have stumbled upon ForTheBestRate.com which is another web site we operate.

Here is a little background on the people who work at and/or on PriceAMortgage.com.

Nat Criss
Marketing guy who has been involved with the real estate and mortgage industries since before the turn of the century.

Anna Platz
Talks and writes a lot and fixes everyones’ email issues. Was a compliance person with a large mortgage company.

Megan Criss
Doesn’t spend a ton of time working on this site but she’s ok anyway.

Greg Gianoplus
Likes mortgages and has been involved in the industry for a long, long time.

Lisa Andree
Once delivered us cookies. Doesn’t know we listed her here.

Steph Medeiros
Writin’ and fightin’

Scott Edwards
He’s still new.

Thank you for visiting and let us know if you have any questions.

The CMG Equities LLC Team and the 1099’d People who love to help us.