Compare 3/1 ARM Rates & Program Information

Calculator for crunching numbers on a 3 year ARM

Do the math and make sure that the potential savings during the 36 month introductory rate period with a 3/1 ARM is worth taking on the additional risk.

Research 3 year adjustable mortgage rates and loan programs at Use the rate survey on the bottom of this page to access current rates from a variety of home mortgage providers. While some of the companies in the survey may not post 3 year ARM rates, most do have access to these products. The best way to check interest rates may be to reach out to the companies individually for more information.

3 Year Adjustable Rate Mortgage Highlights

  • Introductory rate in place for the first 3 years of the loan. After those first 36 months, a 3/1 ARM then begins to adjust as defined by the loan’s margin, caps and the rate of the index which the mortgage is tied to. Be sure to ask your mortgage professional about these variables.
  • 3 year ARM rates may be lower than other longer term ARM programs. Be sure to verify that with several companies before selecting a 3 year adjustable rate mortgage.
  • There may be times when fixed rate mortgage rates are in-line with, or even lower than, adjustable mortgage rates. Be sure to ask for current 30 year fixed rate pricing as well.
  • 3/1 ARM loans do have a high lever or risk as rates can and will change up or down after the first three years pass.