Current 20 Year Mortgage Rates for US States

Savings ahead sign. Information on saving on interest with a 20 year mortgage.

How much might you be able to save by knocking 10 years over a 30 year loan?

While not as popular as 30 year mortgages and 15 year home loans, there are still plenty of savvy home buyers and home owners in the marketplace who find that 20 yr mortgages fill the void. There are numerous reasons why people opt for a 20 year home mortgage such as the stability of a fixed rate product and the lower monthly payment than they can likely get with a 15 year or 10 year home loan program (although one will more than likely pay more interest over the life of the loan). Today, most lenders do not have pre-payment penalties for paying off a traditional fixed rate mortgage (be sure to verify with a potential lender or broker). Thus, you could potentially elect a 20 year mortgage and pay off the loan in 15 years. This would allow you greater payment flexibility while permitting you to pay off your mortgage without penalty. Ask your mortgage professional if a 20 year mortgage is right for you.

The Mortgage Rate Survey located throughout this web site displays 20 year mortgage rates from a number of mortgage providers. The survey, conducted by, is updated daily and can help give you a rough snap shot of who is competitive for various 20 yr interest rate and fee combinations. Because mortgage rates vary due to numerious variables, you will need to speak with the various mortgage companies to determine whether or not you qualify for the 20 year mortgage rates posted in the survey. You may find that interest rates are higher or lower depending upon your unique scenario.

Some Reasons to Consider a Twenty Year Loan:

  • Fixed principal and interest payment.
  • Simplifies the home budgeting process.
  • Offers downside protection in rising rate environment.
  • Allows the gradual pay down of principal.

Some Other Companies Offering Home Financing Solutions:

American Bank, headquartered in Maryland, offers 20 year home mortgage programs throughout the United States. The bank also offers personal savings, checking, CD, and money market accounts. If you would like to request current mortgage rates for your mortgage refinance or new home purchase, you can reach American FSB at 877-728-3569.

American Financial Resources is a National mortgage lender that offers 20 yr mortgage programs and some harder-to-find loan solutions such as mobile home loans, condo financing, and mortgages for people with credit scores ranging from 580-620 (subject to change). AFR offers free rate quotes and consultations at 800-316-9508. NMLS#2826

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